Since September 2013 the An Drouizig team works hand in hand with the team to build an Occitan spellchecker fully compatible with Microsoft Office. The heart of the spellchecker was done by Marc Lavaud, the linguistic part is directly inherited from Hervé Cassignac's works.


As of December 2020 it is possible to download a full package that embeds the lastest version of the Occitan spellchecker for all Microsoft Office versions. This package includes an installer that will identify your version of Microsoft Office and therefore will suggest the installation of the right package.

Despite of all, if you known for sure which version of Microsoft Office is installed on your computer, you still can download the right package. If you do so, thank you to take into account the following points, countless installation problems which are reported to us concern the points listed below:

  1. Determine which version of Microsoft Office is mine, especially 32 or 64-bit ? read the page here. This is IMPORTANT (or check the screenshot here). Be careful here, it is very common to find 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 running on 64-bit Windows systems (Win7 and Win8). In this case you must install the 32-bit version of the Occitan proofing pack.

Build of the latest development version dated Tuesday, December, 1rst, 2020 (build m11).